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    About me

    As an avid motorcyclist I always wished I could have professional photographs of myself riding. Short of hiring a photographer, that wasn't an easily fulfilled wish. I realized that I couldn't be the only rider out there that wanted quality photographs of themselves and their bikes, so after moving to Tucson I decided to found Knee Down Tucson to be able to provide affordable photographs to anyone on two wheels.

    My photography skills

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      Prints and posters of the images can be purchased through the photo labs I work with or you can simply download the image and print it yourself. These are high resolution images and they can be blown up to poster (13" x 19") size without losing quality or detail.

      There are two options, a "web" resolution and a "Full" resolution. The "web" resolutions are suitable for emailing and social websites, while the "Full" resolution is suitable for print. The watermarks are removed at the time of purchase.

      If you are just browsing through the biker images and see someone you know, let them know about the site, they may appreciate the chance to buy a high definition shot of themselves on their rides.

      This web site is protected by United States copyright laws. No part of this web site may be used in any manner without the express written approval of the owner. The images that are for sale are for personal use only any commercial use must be authorized by the photographer. For usage information, please contact me.

      Do you only photograph Sportbikes?

      Not at all! The name Knee Down Tucson is a reference to the best feeling when riding, leaned in and taking that perfect line through your favorite corner (the Tucson part is self-explanatory). So, if it has two wheels, I'll photograph it! Riding isn't about the make or the model, it's about the freedom and the ride!

      Where does Knee Down Tucson usually set-up?

      Most Sunday mornings, between 9:00 am and 12:00 noon, I will be set-up to capture you and your bike knee-down on Mt. Lemmon Highway.

      Locations may vary but the sweeper at the Seven Cataracts look-out (about 9 miles up the mountain) is a favorite spot. Keep an eye out for me in the future at bike nights around Tucson!

      Can I stop and say hi if I see you?

      Of course, please do! I'm always happy to talk story and meet fellow riders. Who knows, you might even score a coupon or two!

      I saw you as I rode by, but I can't find a photo of myself in your gallery?

      While I try my hardest to capture every rider that comes by, I do miss some. There are a lot of boring reasons why I may miss a shot, so it's nothing personal. Hopefully I'll catch you next time around!

      If I see you and want to go by a bunch of times, do you care?

      As long as you're staying safe, fly by as many times as you want! It's fun for me because I can try to get a few different photo styles of you and your ride. Seriously though, be safe, I don't want to photograph an accident.

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    Joe Reinhardt

    Tucson, Arizona

    United States of America